Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you offer custom sizes/styles?

Yes, we can customize most sizes and styles.

What does the door come with?

All the hardware that goes on the back of the door itself (tracks, motor, and springs are an optional purchase, if needed).


We use 3/4 in #1 pine to build the frames. 1x6 cedar is used to create design patterns.
Yes, all doors are solid wood. Not metal with wood veneer. All doors are made of Western Red #2 Knotty Cedar. Other woods available upon request.


Do I need any special tools for opening my freight?

No.  Once bands are cut with scissors, the panels are easily accessible for removal.


Can a regular motor accommodate the bigger sizes?

Yes, since the springs carry all the weight.

What about installation?

Since the doors operate just like a metal door, any installer would be able to install these doors.


How often do I have to re-stain my door?

Generally, every 4 - 5 years.

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